Chat on the Podcast

It turns out that an essential component of a podcast featuring interviews with people who work in and around science is tracking down people who work in and around science that are willing to talk into a microphone for about an hour.

If you happen to be such a person, and think you might want to be on the podcast, kindly fire off an e-mail to BoldSignals[at]Gmail[dot]Com or take a gander at the pre-interview at this link. Feel free to be as taciturn or loquacious as you like. Before we talk into microphones, we’ll get in touch to discuss potential questions/conversation topics and to talk logistics.

Our aim is to interview a broad range of (vaguely science-related) people about a broad range of (vaguely science-related) topics. So please, don’t be shy. This podcast would not exist without it’s awesome assortment of guests, an assortment that will hopefully very soon feature you.